Sunday, June 21, 2009


September 25, 2009

This morning I was delighted to hear the morning hosts on my favourite radio news program almost howling with mirth at a report (from another station for a change) to the effect that “a car had turned into a bus”, and upon opening the Blunder Box to add this howler to my collection, I had a great time re-reading some of the others stored there over the years.

I really loved the Sleep Country commercial urging the public to come and be “educated on their beds!” Then dating back to the Progressive Conservative years, it appeared that Parliament had said “goodbye to Preston Manning …with pleasure!” There is also what Russ Froese told us (concerning opera and ballet in Toronto) that “talks hope to be finalized!” … Gee, I hope that they were indeed finalized and that the talks were happy!

About the ghastly happenings on the Picton farm. (The subject matter in this one it mot funny!) “Another family of the missing women.” How many families did each one have? Wouldn’t “the family of another of the missing women” have made more sense?

A note from a TV station: “They are not ‘adverse’ to the project.” I wonder if that was meant to be “averse?”… And yet another news item, this one about strikers somewhere refusing to return to work without a review of their “renumeration”. Were they not being counted properly?


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I thoroughly enjoy this blog. This is my first comment but I have been checking on updates ever since the first time it was posted.

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